Bucharest based Creative Studio specialised in ideas, communication & representation. We love design like peanut butter loves jelly, like we love iPhone and MacBook combined, like Sir Mix-a-lot likes big butts, we cannot lie.

We understand that the most beautiful part of every picture is within the frame, but outside the frame is where you find the rest of the story. The art gallery. The social space. The context. The culture. You come for the exhibition, but the thing that keeps you there after the event is over is the vibe of the place, the people you meet, the conversations you have.

The logo of a brand is merely the flyer of the event, the brand's persona is what creates the context for customer loyalty, and we can totally nail that for you.

PIFF-Ploiesti International Film Festival

Romania, 2015 - 2019

70s & Sunny

California US, 2021


New York US, 2018 - 2023

We might add a joke or a funny twist here and there like you’re our kindergarten buddy, but be sure we’re not playing when it comes to the quality of what we deliver. 

> Brand Strategy & Identity

> Logo Design

> Naming

> Packaging Design

> Product Design & Prototyping

> Exhibitions & Installations

> User Interface & User Experience

> Advertising Creatives

> Digital Campaigns

> Communication Concept

> Digital Storytelling

> User Needs & Research

> Competitive Analysis

> Design Strategy

> Idea Sense Making

It doesn’t matter if you are a big brand or a small startup, WE’RE IN when it comes to challenges. We’ll treat your design with the care and attention it needs, but until then, here's this form throught which you can tell us a bit more about yourself.